Corporate Social Responsibility and Safety Policy

Mission Statement-

ashdalehotels are committed to focusing on green initiatives by monitoring and reducing consumption levels, converting environmental efforts into cost-reduction and revenue generating opportunities whilst promoting the Collection’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) policy. 
The Director, Martin Wicks is supported by the General Managers at each property to ensure that the CRS Policy is adhered to and new policies are identified and implemented, furthermore it will ensure that environmental issues are kept at the forefront of everyone’s mind and given proper attention at all times. The company recognises the impact of its operations on the environment and aims to minimise any detrimental effect that may occur.
ashdalehotels corporate social responsibility policy sets out the principle and standards for the company. All staff at each of the properties is required to comply with the policy.
The policy is split into sections relating to the areas of Access for all, community support, environmental policy, Lone traveller and security policy
This document is a living document and will change over the coming months as the properties develop further their understanding of CSR and remain applicable to the activities of all the hotels with the company and any agreements made between each hotel and its stakeholders.

Updated December 2013


Access for All
ashdalehotels understands that every guest is individual in their needs and wants of the products available and we aim to make our hotel facilities available and accessible to all our guests equally. On the rare occasion, due to the nature of the building, whether location, size of the property or age the facilities may be reduced, we will endeavour to provide a range of facilities for guests with a specific requirement in terms of a disability including:

Each Hotel has its own individual Access Statement, due to the intricacies of Grade Listed Buildings.

They are available to read or download from each hotel website on their Rooms page.

Environmental Policy

Overview of the Strategy and Action Plan
The main focus for ashdalehotels is on reducing the consumption and improving efficiency in our energy and waste management processes. The strategy is to investigate and implement new technology or practices to reduce levels and to agree ongoing best practice.


  1. The environmental performance is set out by the Director and is developed, maintained and improved by the management team.
  2. All actions comply with relevant regulations.
  3. Business is conducted with due regard to the environment, its habitats and biodiversity.
  4. The business operations are regularly assessed for compliance with policy, performance and achievements of targets.
  5. Environmental considerations are taken into account in all major business decisions.
  6. Employees are encouraged to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  7. Suppliers are encouraged to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and such encouragement is made a condition of any supply.
  8. Where appropriate, encourage support from customers by providing them with products and services that are environmentally responsible in use.
  9. Customers are made aware of all environmental policies of specific areas where they are in direct contact.
  10. The company will regularly update the environmental policy and this will be available on line or can be sent in writing if so requested.


Managing Standards
The Director is responsible for the overall environmental performance.
The policy has been developed and thereafter maintained in a documented recording and reporting system.
The implications for the environment are taken into consideration in all major business decisions.
Develop and thereafter maintain a record of formal written comments concerning environmental performance and set targets for their reduction.
Assess the business regularly for compliance with this policy.
Greenhouse Gases


These are a selection of initiatives that ashdalehotels adopt to help reduce, re-use and recycle:

Daily Activities
On a day to day basis the teams in all ashdalehotels take the following actions in their contribution to helping the environment.

Hazardous Substances

Working with local communities

Local Support
We support the local community in a variety of ways and these are just a few actions:

Recent Hotel Development Actions

Lone Traveller Policy

As per our commitment to our customers we conduct ourselves in accordance to the following Lone Traveller Policy.

Security Policy

We believe in everyone's right to feel safe
Our hotels are safe meeting places for all our guests. But a large number of people also create a higher risk for unsafe situations. To us, safety is about being prepared, and we know how to act in undesirable situations. Training, preventive actions and common sense are our key tools. Safety considerations are a part of our daily work. This may not always be apparent on the surface, but you will notice it if something were to happen.
We want everyone to feel safe and secure

You play an important part to your safety
In order to maintain a high level of safety, we want to work with our guests. We can only be fully prepared if everyone does their bit to create a safe hotel environment. We make things easier for you by providing clear information in the hotel rooms regarding evacuation routes and assembly points. In addition, we also make sure there are easily accessible fire extinguishers, good locks and clearly displayed information.

Fire is our greatest threat
Fire is the greatest safety risk at a hotel. Through prevention, we can avoid or limit the danger of fire. We do this through training, alarms for early detection, weekly checks of equipment and a good extinguishing system. We also work with the local emergency services.

If anyone has an accident or falls ill
There is always at least one team member in the hotel trained in first aid. And if something happens, we will act quickly and show care and consideration for guests and colleagues. We will call for an ambulance promptly. Through knowledge and the right equipment, we will take the right action in those vital first few minutes of an acute illness or injury.

Not all visitors are guests
Unfortunately, we sometimes receive unwanted guests. We have to show common sense and consideration for our guests when we challenge unknown individuals at the hotel. By giving clear signals to people about the risk of discovery and the high level of security, we make the hotel less attractive to those with criminal intentions.

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